It Takes Two - Mailbox

On It Takes Two, I worked as an Environment Artist, and one of the things I was responsible for was making the mailbox seen in the main menu. It was a lot of fun to get to put in the details and an honour to do an asset that would be seen up close first thing when starting the game! As with all other assets I worked on for It Takes Two, I modeled this mailbox in Modo and textured it in Substance Painter. There's one 2k texture for the mailbox itself and one 2k texture for the base.

I'm honoured to be part of the amazing art team at Hazelight. All the environments I worked on was a collaboration with other artists and designers.

I'm grateful to all my colleagues at Hazelight but I want to especially thank the following people:
Art Director — Claes Engdal.
Environment Artists — Karl Löwenberg, Simon Lindberg Amanou, Beatrice Tisander, Nina Valinger, Olof Norling, Saralie Wågström and Joan Hägg.
Concept Artist — Josefine Persson.
Tech Artists — Mattias Westphal and Andreas Rånman.