It Takes Two - Squirrels' Flying Machine

On It Takes Two, I worked as an Environment Artist, and one of the things I was responsible for was making the flying machine May and Cody uses to escape from the Squirrels in The Tree.
This was a really fun thing to work on! To think about what things the squirrels would use to build their plane, and what details to put in since it's built by squirrels using found/stolen scraps.
I got to put in my own ideas and details into the flying machine but Claes Engdal provided me with a base blockout of the asset, and Josefine Persson provided some concept art.

I'm honoured to be part of the amazing art team at Hazelight. All the environments I worked on was a collaboration with other artists and designers.

I'm grateful to all my colleagues but I want to especially thank the following people:
Art Director — Claes Engdal.
Environment Artists — Karl Löwenberg, Simon Lindberg Amanou, Beatrice Tisander, Nina Valinger, Olof Norling, Saralie Wågström and Joan Hägg.
Concept Artist — Josefine Persson.
Character Artists — Jacob Larsson, Malin Schneider and William Moberg.
VFX — Alexander Sperring and Robert Svensson.
Tech Artists — Mattias Westphal and Andreas Rånman.

Images are rendered in Marmoset Toolbag but the asset is fully optimized ready to be used in Unreal Engine.