Horde Havoc - Environment Art

Hanna stenow hordehavoc2

Interactive objects, decorative buildings, and versions of the buildings which appear after the player burn them down.

Hanna stenow hordehavoc1

Some assets for the castle levels! The tiling wall texture and floor texture is not created by me.

Hanna stenow hordehavoc3

Some smaller decorative assets.

Hanna stenow hordehavoclvl3

I was responsible for the environment art in level 3, and helped out with some of the other levels.

Horde Havoc Trailer

Horde Havoc is a game made by 12 students at Futuregames during a period of 4 weeks.
I was an Environment Artist responsible to model and texture assets based on concept art from our 2D artists. I also made the grass foliage in UE4, and I was responsible for the environment art in level 3 of the game.
Download the game for free here: https://sweetjp.itch.io/horde-havoc
3D Art:
Corinne Boman: https://corinneboman.artstation.com/
Attila Herczeg: https://attilaherczeg.artstation.com/
Mikaela Marti: https://mikaelaceleste.artstation.com/
Hanna Stenow: https://hannastenow.com/
2D Art:
Nicolas Lennman: https://www.nicolaslennman.com/
Eddi Pettersson: https://www.artstation.com/eddipettersson/
Hanna Fridén: https://www.hannafriden.se/
Jonas Petersson: http://jonaspetersson.nu/
Anton Samuelsson: http://antonsamuelsson.com/
Per Åkerström: http://perakerstrom.com/
Suat Kücükgöl: https://suatkucukgol.se/
Simon Larsson: http://simonlarsson.nu/

October 2, 2019