It Takes Two - The Shed - Wired Up

On It Takes Two, I worked as an Environment Artist, and one of the things I was responsible for was the environment art in the Wired Up section of The Shed level.
I took the level from blockout to its finalized stage. Meaning, I modeled and textured assets, did set dressing and lighting.
I'm honoured to be part of the amazing art team at Hazelight. All the environments I worked on was a collaboration with other artists and designers.

I'm grateful to everyone at Hazelight but I want to especially thank the following people:
Art Director — Claes Engdal.
Environment Artists — Karl Löwenberg, Simon Lindberg Amanou, Beatrice Tisander, Nina Valinger, Olof Norling, Saralie Wågström and Joan Hägg.
Concept Artist — Josefine Persson.
VFX — Alexander Sperring and Robert Svensson.
Tech Artists — Mattias Westphal and Andreas Rånman.

Images are rendered in-game in Unreal Engine.