Horse statue

My first time trying out photogrammetry, it was a lot of fun! For the photogrammetry course at Futuregames we had Robert Runesson and Darko Pracic from Embark Studios come to teach us.
This statue is standing near my school. All photos were taken with my iPhone XR. 3D reconstruction in AliceVision's Meshroom, decimation and baking in Blender. I also cleaned up the mesh a bit in ZBrush. Color adjusted the baked textures in Photoshop and finalized the texturing in Substance Painter.
I made the simple podium for the statue in Maya, ZBrush and Substance Painter, just to have the statue stand on something for display.

Thanks a lot to Robert Runesson for answering my emails with questions during a weekend.
Thanks to my classmate Nomi Bontegard for being great company when we were out taking the pictures, we took approx. 350 pictures each and shared them with each other.